Reviewer Name: Md Iqbal Hossen                    Admitted University: Chang’an                            Country: China                                                          Degree:  Master                                                        Session: 2022-23

Well, Here I am at Chang’an University in China. Coming here wasn’t easy for me. I was having a hard time with lots of things. Today I will share my experience of how I got admitted to the university

Hello everyone
Myself Md Iqbal Hossein. Recently I came to China to do my MBA. So coming to China and getting the best university is hard sometimes. One of my sisters suggested that there is a person who works with China University. I told her that I would like to communicate with that person and I would take some time to think (at that time I was doing my IELTS so that I could apply for other to country but didn’t work for some reason ) Okay then I called apu and told her I want to go back to China but I have some requirements (must be scholarship in a good university, monthly stipend at least 2k RMB, and must have a foreigner ) so after that she talks with that person his name is ( Mridha Azam Vai Owner of the Aalokbortika Education ) and one day I also talked with him over the phone. I just told him Vaiya those are my requirements and he just told me not to worry about it. And then I submitted my all documents to him and he applied for the university. After two months I got the news that I was selected for my master’s degree at Chang’an University. The thing is I was so worried. In those two months, I think I texted my brother and Apu every single day. I othered them a lot. Finally, that day came and I got a phone call from my university that I got admitted to the university and they wanted to send the admission letter and JW letter. After that I called Mridha Vai I got a call from China they asked for a location and Mridha Vai gave me the location I emailed it to the university directly. It takes only 2 days to get the paper in my hand. Not done yet Mridha Vai not only helped me with the admission but also helped me until I came to China ( he helped me with information that I needed and the new visa processing)
The thing is that I loved his work, his honesty, and his kindness. One more thing he never stopped communicating with me. the way he helped me no one will do that. There are lots of agencies out there recently but they are doing so many bad things to students. I’m really glad to work with him and thanks to the all employees who are working with Aalokbortika Education. Thanks, Azam Vai and Aalokbortika for being part of my journey. May Allah bless you and your family.


Aalokbortika- Student

Reviewer Name: M Refat Alam                             Admitted University: Xi’an Jiaotong                    Country: China                                                         Degree:  Master                                                            Session: 2022-23

Thanks to Aalok Bortika I got admitted for my Masters degree in Xi’an Jiaotong University. One of renowned university in China. They also helped me to get a pretty good scholarship.

Overall I would definitely recommend them if you are trying to do your higher studies abroad.

Aalokbortika- Student

Reviewer Name: Nuruddin Masud                               Admitted University: Huzhou                                  Country: China                                                        Degree:  Master                                                      Session: 2018-19

Trustworthy Educational Agent. Anybody can get services without any questions. Better place to fill up your dream

Reviewer Name: Mohammed  Abdullah                        Admitted University: Chandigrah                          Country: India                                                                  Degree:  Undergradute                                                  Session: 2021-22

Aalok bortika is the best consultancy of Bangladesh..which provide all the facilities to get scholarship in foreign country without any cost..

Reviewer Name: BM Jelin                                          Admitted University: Jiaxing                               Country: China                                                      Degree:  Undergraduate                                                      Session: 2022-23             

Aalokbortika education is a game-changer in the world of education consulting. Their team of experts helped me navigate the complex process of studying abroad and provided me with invaluable guidance every step of the way. Their personalized approach and attention to detail truly set them apart. I highly recommend Aalokbortika education to anyone seeking professional and reliable assistance in pursuing their academic dreams

Reviewer Name: Md Insan Ali                                    Admitted University: NUIST                                    Country: China                                                          Degree:  Undergraduate                                                     Session: 2022-23              

Reviewer Name: Shabkat Kobir Rifat                            Admitted University: UESTC                               Country: China                                                      Degree:  Undergraduate                                                      Session: 2022-23

Reviewer Name: Selina Akter                                          Admitted University: Jiaxing                               Country: China                                                      Degree:  Undergraduate                                                      Session: 2022-23

Reviewer Name: Abdurrazzoq Dadashev                        Admitted University: Changzhou                                 Country: China                                                                     Degree:  Master                                                      Session: 2018-19

Reviewer Name: Teherun Nesa Suborna                         Admitted University: Huzhou                               Country: China                                                      Degree:  Master                                                      Session: 2017-18

Reviewer Name: MD Alauddin                                          Admitted University: Nantong                               Country: China                                                      Degree:  Master                                                        Session: 2022-23

Reviewer Name: Masud Rana                                          Admitted University: HUBT                                       Country: China                                                           Degree:  Undergraduate                                                      Session: 2018-19

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