Aalokbortika Education-NPU Campus
Aalokbortika Education-NPU Campus

University Overview:

Northwestern Polytechnical University: A World Class University Looking Into The Future

Northwestern Polytechnic University, Located in the historical and ancient city of Xi’an is a national
major public research university in Xi’an, China. The Ministry of Industry and
Information Technology contributes to the cost of the university.  
It’s a Class A, Double First Class University for Chinese Nationals. Additionally, it belongs to Project 211 and the previous Project 985.

The history of NPU can be traced back to 1938. The university was designated as one of the National Key Universities of China in 1960. It was among the first batch of universities selected for Project 211 in 1995 and became part of Project 985 in 2001. In 2021, NPU ranks among the top 200 according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities. In recent years, NPU has set various records in China and produced many leading figures in all aspects of society and industries contributing to the world’s science, technology, and social-economic developments. 

Campus: The total area of NPU’s campuses is 4.58 km2, with the Youyi Campus in Beilin District, Xi’an, making up about 0.8 km2, the Chang’an Campus in Chang’an District, Xi’an, approximately 2.6 km2, and the Taicang Campus in Suzhou, Jiangsu, around 1.18 km2.

Aalokbortika Education- NPU Campus Life

Globalization of NPU  

At NPU, we actively recruit outstanding international students and cultivate them in all aspects to become future scholars, entrepreneurs, and global leaders. Supported by the copious scholarships from NPU, our international family currently has 1300
students from 107 different nationalities, and we are planning to enroll more than 600 outstanding students and scholars in 2022.
   NPU’s commitment to innovation & excellence brings promising prospects for its future development. We are growing unprecedentedly on the path to becoming a leading world-class university with globally recognized & accredited disciplines.
NPU continues to expand our horizon towards life-changing discoveries in science & technology and makes positive contributions to this rapidly changing and globalizing world.

10 reasons to come to NPU:

    Splendid Academic Atmosphere

    Wide Subject Choose

    Top Grade Staff and Faculty

    State-to-the-art Research Platform

    Outstanding Campus

    Colorful Extra-curricular Activities

    Multi-cultural Experience

    Promising Career

    Numerous Scholarship Packages

    Broad International Vision